Friday, April 17, 2015


Every minute, on the minute, for as many minutes as possible:
Clean + Front Squat + Front Squat + Jerk Ladder
Start at 205 lbs and build by 10 lbs every minute.

  1. 205
  2. 215
  3. 225
  4. 235
  5. 245
  6. 255
  7. 265
  8. 275
  9. 285 (+++/-)
    • just unsteady in the jerk and it pulled me forwards a little. 
    • Rested 1 minute after miss
  10. 295
Every minute on the minute for five minutes:
15 Thrusters (95lb.)
15 Pull-Ups
*If you fail to complete the round within the minute, complete the remainder of the round - no matter how long it takes you - then rest the remainder of that minute. If you carry over into the fourth minute, immediately continue and accumulate as many reps as possible before the clock hits 5:00.

  1. 45s, UB
  2. 49s, UB
  3. 52s, UB
  4. Th: 8-7, PU: 5-5-5. Ran over on this round. 
  5. Finished 7 Thrusters in this round

  • Really liked this, it got tough in that Fourth minute. Felt I had a good push here, but I need to continue working on the mindset of pushing lighter thrusters until I actually fail a rep (much like the mindset I had in the open on 15.5). Not sure if I could have gotten the round finished even with UB thrusters since I broke my pull ups, but that was the main reflection piece for this workout. Felt really good after 3 rounds, it was essentially a paced out Fran. Would love to try this one again down the line. Love the thruster + pull up combo. 

  • Overall though I had a solid morning. Mind was in a good place, and I feel I had a good push. Movement felt solid. Identified some areas to focus on for improvement and took the positives from the session as well. 

15 Strict Muscle ups in as little sets as possible

  • complete: sets of 2 except for 1 set. 
3 Sets:
5 Hollow Arch Swings 

  • complete
3 Sets:
5 Hip to rings
5 Hollow Rock to Muscle up Transition 

  • complete
1 set of 10 UB just working on applying the skill work.

  • complete

In ways small and large, your world right now is filled with opportunities to make a difference. Take the initiative.
The only thing you need to take the first step is your decision to do it. Take that first step and put momentum solidly on your side.
If you think you can’t do it, stop thinking and start doing. The smallest positive action can begin to erase even the biggest doubt.
This is a day that you can fill with valuable and purposeful accomplishment. Take the initiative, and make something of it right now.
— Ralph Marston

until tomorrow

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Rest day

You are not that far away from where you want to be. You are only a single decision, a single instant, a single positive action away from the direction you wish to go.
Whatever you seek is within reach. What you must do, is reach.
You will always be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you make progress. Just go ahead and get started.
Learn from all that has brought you to this point. Be thankful for the wisdom, the experience, the strength and the purposeful sense of determination it has all given you.
Then point that determination in a positive direction, and go. Go with gusto, go with enthusiasm and the greatest of expectations along the path that is already in front of you.
Right now, right here, you are not that far away. Step up and make the journey, for you deserve it.
— Ralph Marston

Until tomorrow

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Run 1600 meters
15 Muscle-Ups
15 Deadlifts (275 lbs.)
Run 1200 meters
10 Muscle-Ups
10 Deadlifts (275 lbs.)
Run 800 meters
5 Muscle-Ups
5 Deadlifts (275 lbs.)

  • Time: 21:59
  • Limiter here was the muscle ups. They were tougher than I expected them to be. Something I've noticed is that when muscle ups are paired with movements that fatigue my hamstrings and glutes, the movement gets exponentially tough just due to the decreased ability to get my hips up. Limiter wasnt the Dip, it was my ability to elevate my hips. DL's felt a little heavy from the beginning. Broke all rounds into sets of 5, didnt have a set number from the start, just went by feel. Was actually easier as the workout went on. Tried to keep my shins on the bar between sets. Run's weren't bad. First mile was a 5:30 mile. Legs started to lock/cramp up after the 1200m though as I went into the muscle ups. Muscle up Capacity is definitely something we are going to work on over the off season. 

For time:
50 T2B
*Start with 100m Farmers Carry 75# both hands
*Everytime you break: 100m Farmer Carry
*As soon as the DB's are put down start the T2B and vis-versa
  • 12:03
    • T2B: 15-24-34-44-50
    • Whenever I feel I can throw in grip training (without causing a detrimental effect to what CJ and Tino give me) over the next year, I'm going to do it. Making sure grip is never an issue again. 
Crossover Symmetry Scapular Maintenance
  • Complete
    • Working into: Scapular Retraction, Shoulder ER, Scapular Protraction (end range - Serratus Anterior), (Posterior Shoulder + Periscapular + SA)
What is easy is not fulfilling. What is fulfilling is not easy.
The effort necessary for achievement is what gives the achievement value. You cannot get anything for free and expect it to make a meaningful difference in your life.
What gives you richness is what you give yourself to. It is a beautiful dynamic and a challenging one.
Grab that challenge, treasure it, work it, grow stronger through your efforts and know the fulfillment it will bring. Find in every day and in every encounter the opportunity to offer life the unique gift of you.
Earn what you enjoy, and enjoy what you earn. Invest yourself in life and take joy to a whole new level.
Now is your chance to give, to make a difference, to make life richer and more meaningful with your efforts. Celebrate life through those efforts, and delight in all the good you can do.
— Ralph Marston
Overall, good day. Very happy to put together 2 solid training days in a row with good mindset, my mental preparation, mental game, and mental health are things I am going to constantly work on. The mind is everything. Really making it a point to reflect daily: acknowledging the good things for the day, and recognizing on areas I can improve. Making sure to put everything into perspective and not get too high or too low. Small consistent victories add up.  Good way to start the training week. Going to continue striving to be the best Michael Tancini I can possibly be. Cant wait for Friday-Saturday-Sunday!

Until tomorrow

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Three sets of:
Handstand Walk x max meters
Rest 60 seconds

  1. 70 ft, Fell on the change of surface and the turn
  2. 100ft, Included 1 turn and changes of surface. 
  3. 94 ft, Included 2 changes in surfaces and I fell on the second turn. 
  • Felt the best it ever has. It I had a long straight pathway I would have walked over 100 feet easily. Going from Concrete to the rubber mat actually messed me up some since It forced me to pick my hand up higher than normal. 
Take 15-20 minutes to find your 1-RM Clean & Jerk
(You may elect to do either a power or full, but please note below next to the weight lifted whether it was a full or power clean.) 
  1. 135
  2. 185
  3. 225
  4. 255
  5. 275
  6. 285
  7. 305
  8. 325
  9. 345(fx2)

  • these all felt pretty good, failed to come out of the squat at 345. Posterior chain felt a little fatigued and I'm still a little tender from the DL 3RM. Jerks all felt easy though. If I stood up with 345, I was jerking it without a problem and it would have been a PR for C+J. 

"Lil Fish"
Climb the following ladder every minute, on the minute, for as long as possible:
185 lb Clean & Jerk + 12 Handstand Push-Ups
205 lb Clean & Jerk + 11 Handstand Push-Ups
225 lb Clean & Jerk + 10 Handstand Push-Ups
245 lb Clean & Jerk + 9 Handstand Push-Ups
265 lb Clean & Jerk + 8 Handstand Push-Ups
285 lb Clean & Jerk + 7 Handstand Push-Ups
305 lb Clean & Jerk + 6 Handstand Push-Ups
325 lb Clean & Jerk + 5 Handstand Push-Ups
345 lb Clean & Jerk + 4 Handstand Push-Ups
365 lb Clean & Jerk + 3 Handstand Push-Ups
385 lb Clean & Jerk + 2 Handstand Push-Ups
405 lb Clean & Jerk + 1 Handstand Push-Ups
Total score is the number of handstand push-ups completed within the time limit. 
  • 50 hspu, just failed the clean at 285 - did not expect that to happen. posterior chain just felt dead. 265 was easy, then failed at 285. Really Weird. Hamstrings, glutes, and the rest of the posterior chain just did not want to fire to help pull me out of that squat. It went from Easy to failure extremely fast. Failed it 3 times. Expected to have to fight and 305 and 325 was my goal. its ok though. mind was in a good place. I honestly think if I did it again I'd definitely get to 305 and I really think I'd be able to hit it. No mad though, mind in a good place. Started off the week right. Posterior chain is just a little fatigued still.

For time:
Row 500 meters

  • 1:27.9 (PR), fell off in the last 100m. I can count on 1 hand how many true 500m sprints I've ever done. This was almost a 2 second PR. I think my last PR was like 1:29.8 or something like that.
    • 100m Avg's
      • 1:25
      • 1:24
      • 1:26
      • 1:30
      • 1:34

  • Reflection: This is an area where I feel I need to spend more time. Before I went to PT school I made reflection a part of my daily post. However when life got more busy, I stopped reflecting on my day like I did. Going to make it a point to find time during the day to do it, even if its 5 minutes between classes, during class, or during lunch. I think it'll be a good way to keep my mind in a right place over the off season. 
  • Clean and Jerk went well. Its always feels a little different when you train at a new place for the first time, but overall it went well. Posterior chain was a little fatigued coming in but I am still happy how it went overall. Movement felt good. The jerk felt good. Just failed the squat out of the clean. Mindset was good during part C. HSPU went well, Cleans just hit a wall, I think it was just due to a fatigued posterior chain. Overall though I very happy with my mindset, my intensity, and my mental game during this workout. Its a huge improvement over the previous 2 weeks. Wasnt really a workout that puts you in a dark place - but still happy with my mind here. Need to be able to hit a higher weight here, and I know I can. Just a little fatigued. When this shows up again, I'll do much better. 
  • Fun day, Mindset 100% better.

All the goings on in the world around you are important. The thoughts, feelings, passions and values within you are just as important, even more so in fact.
Waves of new information wash over your awareness on a constant basis. Don’t let all that data crowd out your sense of who you are, of what you care about, and of what you intend.
By all means, pay attention to what’s going on in the outer world, and respond appropriately. Pay at least as much attention to the abiding values that form the essence of who you are.
Life is more than a mere stream of disjoined events and experiences. Life is the ability to fashion enduring meaning out of it all.
You can pay attention to what’s going on without being consumed by it. You can live your life according to the direction you’ve set, instead of being tossed around by every new development.
The way to make sense of it all, the way to find value and fulfillment in it all, is to see it all from a solid, stable perspective. Keep yourself grounded in the truth of who you always are, and you can make the most of whatever new things come along.
— Ralph Marston

Until tomorrow

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Deadlift x 3 reps (with PERFECT posture and mechanics)
* Set 1 - 50% of possible 3-RM x 5 reps
* Set 2 - 75% of possible 3-RM x 3 reps
* Set 3 - 85% of possible 3-RM x 2 reps
* Set 4 - 90-95% of possible 3-RM x 1 rep
* Set 5 - Test 3-RM
* Set 6 (optional) - Exceed Set 5 weight for 3-RM
THIS TEST MEANS NOTHING IF YOU ROUND YOUR BACK - I need to know what you can do with proper mechanics, not that you're willing to damage yourself.
  1. 225x5
    • 275x1
    • 315x1
  2. 345x3
  3. 385x2
  4. 405x1
  5. 425x3
  6. 465x3 (PR). Current 1RM is 475#
  7. 485 (f)
For time:
20 Overhead Squats (135 lbs)
30 Kettlebell Swings (32 kg)
40 Wall Ball Shots (30 lbs)
50 Double-Unders
50 Calories of Rowing on Concept 2
50 Double-Unders
40 Wall Ball Shots
30 Kettlebell Swings (32kg)
20 Overhead squats (135lb.)
  • Time: 16:23. Much-Much too slow. Ive been really screwed up mentally this week to say the least. Yesterday my mind was terrible. Today was better than it had been the last few days but as soon as It started to get any bit challenging and to the point where I needed to push, my mind just shut down and checked out. Today this happened in the last set of wall balls and continued on through the end of the workout. Both my last 30 KBS and my last 20 OHS should have been UB (definitely the KBS, the OHS should have been close to it) but my mind just fell off. 
  • My mind has been terrible this week. Extremely negative, constantly getting down on myself, constantly frustrated with how things were going, zero mental fortitude to push through any sort of discomfort, zero mental fortitude to push through any sort of adversity. Last night though I really had a heart to heart with myself though and acknowledged that I am in a Dip. A Dip is just a period of time where things didn't go your way, things didn't go how you expected them to, a period of time after a let down. When your in a Dip you have three options. 1) Stay in the dip, continuing to get pissed off, and settling for mediocre 2) Quit, pack up your bags and just bail from the journey 3) acknowledge you're in a dip, attack the problem head on, make a plan, pull yourself back on track to achieving your goals. 
  • Well 2 sure as hell isn't going to happen and won't happen. I love what I do too much. And my desire to qualify for the crossfit games is much too strong. 
  • 1 Sure as hell isn't happening either. I never want to settle for mediocre. Being negative, getting down on myself, settling and saying "oh well" just isn't me and will never be me. 
  • Option 3 is the only option I would ever want to take. And the first step of that is to acknowledge that yes, I am in a dip - but I'll be damn if Im going to stay here. 
  • Over the past 2 weeks when It was certain that I missed regionals, needless to say I've been on an emotional roller coaster. As crazy as that sounds, its been true. When you put so much into achieving a goal, and it doesn't pan out the way you wanted it to - it screws with you. I went through every stage of emotion you can think of; sad, angry, motivated, driven...etc. Any emotion in the book I probably have felt it over the last 2 weeks. The majority of the time though I was just pissed off, down on myself, and quite frankly discouraged. The only times when I Didn't spend time beating myself up, I Was grinding away in the books studying for test, writing papers, doing assignments...etc. The gym however, which is normally a sanctuary for me where I escape to have fun, turned into a place which brought all the emotions about not qualifying for regionals to the surface. And the majority of the time when I Was in there, I was beating myself up, getting down on myself, and having zero mental fortitude. Which isn't like me at all. I wanted to be in there training, but at the same time I was being so negative that it was really unhealthy and nothing was getting accomplished anyways. 
  • All the negativity really came to a peak last night. When I had 3x1k rows as a tester. Anyone who has done a Max effort row knows that you get into the dark place early on and you just have to stay there until your done. However about 300 meters in my mind just quit on me. I instantly got down on myself, and ended up basically coasting through the remainder of the workout. After that first row I was so pissed I shattered my water bottle on the pavement outside. I was bathing in a pool of negativity. After the session I Was extremely negative for the next few hours. Audrey tried to talk to me about it but I just shut her off. However just spent time reflecting on the shitty 2 weeks I have had. Finally talked some sense into myself last night though, acknowledged the dip, and decided that I could either stay in the dip and be miserable or put my head down and get back on track. And I'm getting back on track. 
  • My action plan to get back on track started with simply deleting all social media off my phone. As crazy as that sounds, I think its a good start. Every time I would see someones post about regionals it would just send me in a spiral of being pissed off. I had to remove the stimulus. 
  • Next I had to acknowledge the fact that I Was in the dip and make the conscious choice to fight myself out. Consciously making positive thoughts and an improvement in mental fortitude the goal and the focus at all points in the day and especially in my training sessions. Positive talk has to be the focus of my time in the gym. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Positive self talk and positive thoughts leads to mental fortitude and leads to getting myself back on track to crushing workouts and making progress towards my goal. 
  • Next I need to write out my goals for the next year. Write down my "why" and hold myself accountable to giving everything I possibly have day in and day out in the gym. I need to write my goals back out - where I can see them - write out my why - where I can see it. I need to spend more time in reflection and spend more time working on my mental game. 
  • I know my "Why", I know my "What", and I know my "how". Now its time to make it happen. 
  • "Why" : Because I love what I do. I love bettering myself in every form of life and in crossfit it isn't any different. I want to be the best form of Michael Tancini that I can possibly be. Also I love training, I love the process, I love the grind, I love what I do. It makes me happy, It makes me feel good, and It helps bring purpose to my life (that purpose is striving to make myself and the people around me better). I have no limits and I will continue to improve in every aspect of life. This aspect just happens to be crossfit. If someone else has done it, so can I, and so Will I. No excuses, Work hard, better Michael Tancini, every damn day. My why also involves how much I enjoy competing on the stage of the crossfit games regionals and eventually the crossfit games stage. I love the support the fans provide, I love the atmosphere, I love competing alongside the best in the game, and I love the relationships I develop from the crossfit regional competition. I have always competed and I love competing at the highest level. Its been a part of me since I Was 3 years old and first picked up a baseball. 
  • My "What". Qualifying for the Crossfit games and Crossfit regional competition. The "What" helps quantifies growth and give me the opportunity to have fun competing in the atmosphere that I love and gives me the opportunity to create the relationships I enjoy making. The What doesn't define who I am as a person, but this "What" is the natural reward of living and staying true to my "Why". I guess you can say its the cherry on top or the physical symbol of continuing to better myself in this aspect of life. 
  • My "How": This is the easy part. My Coaches Help me with this. My how is to go in the gym day-in-day out and give it everything I have. Working on weaknesses. Improving upon strengths, Having fun, and pushing myself to new limits. Its making sure I am getting the proper recovery, its the making sure I am fueling myself appropriately. Its the constant focus on staying positive and bettering myself. Its learning from every workout I do, learning from every lift I make, and learning from every experience I come across. The how involves giving my 100% to the programming Tino and CJ put on my program for me. The how involves building myself up and fighting through periods of disgust. The how involves making everyone around me better, supporting others in their goals, and giving them support when they need it the most. 
  • Today was a step in the right direction. It was not perfect. I got down on myself a little. I gave up on myself when it got a little challenging, but it was an improvement from the previous days this week. Its something to build on. Most importantly I learned from it. I guarantee that by the end of this week I will be back on track crushing my workouts. 
  • Some reflection from the Open. I'm not going to sit here and rehash every single week of the open. But I will reflect on the total experience. Once again I put myself in a hole from the beginning. I didn't perform as I wanted to on either the first 2 scoring's in the open this year. IT put me in a hole I had to battle out of once again. Workout 2, I improved from last year - but I didn't do as well as I wanted to. I really think if I didn't shred my hands in both the first and second weeks - that I do better on both weeks. Not going to use that as an excuse though, these workouts just pointed out weaknesses that I need to build on. Workout 3, exposed more weakness. Workout 4, this was kind of a holy shit moment. HSPU by far my worst movement that popped up in the open, and I end up having my best finish of the open in this workout. Not only was it my best finish, but it passed the video submission that I had to submit - meaning that the workout was 100% up to their standard (All my workouts I make sure are at the highest standard - but It was good to have crossfit HQ's thumbs up on it). Workout 5, it was the best I could do. And quite frankly at the end of the 5 weeks, I did not earn a spot to regionals. However this was my 2nd highest finish ever in the open (would have been my best finish...not going into that though) and this years field was by far the toughest the field has ever been. So did I get the physical reward of competing at But, I did improve from the previous year. I improved under the hardest circumstances I have ever had to deal with. Balancing training with 9-10 hour days + studying for my Doctorate isn't a cake walk, but I did it and I showed growth from last year to this year. If anything this open was a growing experience for me and gives me a platform to build on for the next year. 
  • I am also making some changes training wise that will benefit me over the next year and I think will help increase my intensity and end up with increasing my growth as an athlete. I am going to have the opportunity to train with (throwing down with each other a few days per week) another top 50 athlete. This will help put me in an environment of increased intensity which I'm confident will result in more growth. 
  • So here is to the next year. Here is to doing what I love, and making myself better. Here is to pursuing excellence and becoming the best version of Michael Tancini as I possibly can. 

PM: Skill work session

Crossover Symmetry: Scapular maintenance

  • complete

3 sets of 15m HS walk

  • complete

EMOTM 10 minutes
Min 1: ME Strict HSPU *hands w/in 27.5 inch Box
Min 2: 2 Strict HSPU
Min 3-10: 5-6 Strict HSPU
  1. 17
  2. 2
  3. 5
  4. 6
  5. 6
  6. 6
  7. 5
  8. 5
  9. 5
  10. 5
  • Total: 62 SHSPU

15 minute AMRAP: 
Farmers Carry for distance. 
Every time you drop the weight, rest exactly 30s. 
Score is total distance

  • .42 miles, used 75# each hand

Your doubts may feel strong and compelling, yet you are much stronger. After all, you have the ability to take action.
Your doubts require a certain specific scenario in order to make any sense. You, however, can work your way to a whole new scenario in which those old doubts will have no validity.
Every action you take is a triumph over your doubts. Start small if you must, build up to bigger, more consequential actions, and those doubts will surely and steadily fade away.
Your doubts get all of their energy from you. And you don’t ever have to give them any more of it.
Instead, put your energy into positive, effective action. Put your energy into dreaming big, wonderful, meaningful dreams, then step forward and act to give those dreams life.
Even the biggest doubts are no match for the power of your passion. Put that passion into action, and leave your doubts behind.
— Ralph Marston

until tomorrow


Three sets of:
Muscle-Ups x Max Unbroken Reps
Rest exactly 60 seconds
12-5-5, not ME. Just stopped. Hands a little torn from yesterday. Going to make this up when my hand gets healed. 

Row 2000 Meters @ 70-75% pace 

Three sets for times:
Row 1000 Meters
Rest 6 minutes
All over 3:30, I know these were supposed to be ME but they definitely wernt. Something is wrong with my head right now that I need to get straight.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Front Squat: After each of the first five sets, complete 20 Unbroken Pull-Ups."
* Set 1 - 50% of possible 1-RM x 5 reps
* Set 2 - 75% of possible 1-RM x 3 reps
* Set 3 - 85% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep
* Set 4 - 90-95% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep
* Set 5 - Test 1-RM
* Set 6 (optional) - Exceed Set 5 weight
Rest as needed, but at least 3 minutes between sets.

  1. 195 + 20 PU
  2. 295 + 20 PU
  3. 335 + 20 PU
  4. 355 + 20 PU
  5. 375 (f) + 20 PU
  6. 375 (f) *this is 20# under my PR. Holy weak legs lately 
Shoulder Press:
* Set 1 - 50% of possible 1-RM x 5 reps
* Set 2 - 75% of possible 1-RM x 3 reps
* Set 3 - 85% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep
* Set 4 - 90-95% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep
* Set 5 - Test 1-RM
* Set 6 (optional) - Exceed Set 5 weight
Rest as needed, but at least 3 minutes between sets. 

  1. 95
  2. 145
  3. 165
  4. 185 (f)
  5. 185
Four sets for max reps of:
Unbroken Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Rest exactly 60 seconds

  • Was on  rep 26 on the first set, felt my hand tear and stopped. Didn't feel like finishing this out was worth shredding my hands for. I think the 100 regular pull ups had something to do with tearing on the first set here. Wish my hands would have held up, was shooting for 50+ UB and 100+ in the 4 sets.