Wednesday, April 23, 2014


99% 50 bpm

4:30 am

For time: Time Cap - 17min
Row 1000m
100 double unders
15 Muscle-ups
30 Thrusters 95#
40 Walking Lunges with 95# Front Rack
This was fun. Really enjoyed this one.
Row: 3:38, paced this down.
DU’s: Screwed up twice which is not like me, but it only added 10s to what my 100-DU pace normally is.
Muscle ups: 5-3-3-2-2, feel I may have spent a little too long between sets here. Wanted to open up larger than this. Didnt feel like I was getting my hips as high as they have been getting.
Thrusters: 15-8-7
FRL: 10-10-10-10, This here I feel could have been in less than 4 sets. I was fighting my GI system through all 40, I had to really try to keep everything in until I finished so I could run to the bathroom.

rest to recover

Plank 45sec into 20 Full Sit-ups
Rest 45sec
Plank 1min into 30 Full Sit-ups
Rest 1min
Plank 1:15 into 40 Full Sit-ups
Rest 90sec
Plank 1:30 into 50 Full Sit-ups

Until tomorrow:

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


99%, 49 bpm

4:30 am

Finish warm-up with 500m row no straps then 3RNFT of:
7 OHS 45#
5/5 Pistols to same leg


High Hang Snatch:  rest no more than 90sec betw sets/reps
3 reps at 60% of 1RM hang snatch
2 at 65%
2 at 70%
5 at 80%
215 *Straps
2 at 85%
225 *Straps
2 at 90%
235 *Straps
All sets UB.

rest 5-8min

5rds, holding onto bar, rest 2min betw rds, 10 burpee penalty if you let go of bar
6 Clean 155#
6 Shoulder to OH 155#
10 DL 155#
complete, all sets b/w 35-38s, this felt pretty easy.

rest up to 8min

Buy in with 3 rope climbs
9 Box Jumps 24in
12 CTB Pull-ups
time: 6:23 - just couldn't hold on. Gave in on rd 3 and got chalk and it did help in a workout like this. During this I was experimenting with Wrapping my thumbs vs not wrapping my thumbs on a slightly slicker bar on the pull ups. Felt much more secure on the bar wrapping my thumbs and It actually felt pretty good. Box jumps cycled quick. Just frustrates me dropping off the bar more than I'm used to.

rest 3min

75 Full Sit-ups for time

until tomorrow:

Monday, April 21, 2014


48 bpm, 97% o2

7:30 AM
5 minute Warm up AD
30 min AD @ 75-80%
237 average watts. Kept between 950-1100 cal per hour. This was on a diff ad then normal since I'm back home for Easter. It reads slightly different.
5 minute Cool down AD

Rested about 15 minutes

6x200m resting 2minb betw ea
34s - 32s - 32s - 32s - 32s - 32s
rest 3min
3x400m resting 3min betw ea
1:13 - 1:12 - 1:1Tough huh? This felt good. Everything was really fun.
rest 2min
1x400m at tempo
1x400m at recovery tempo
1x400m walk to cool down

Until tomorrow:


“Event 8 - 2009 CrossFit Games”
For time:
15 Cleans 155#
30 TTB
30 Box Jumps 24in
30 Double Unders
15 Thrusters 135#
30 Pull-ups
30 Burpees Jumped to a 8 inch Target.
300 ft. OH Walking Lunge 45#
Time: Was at the 7 minute mark at 18 burpees and had to run to the bath room. Came back and finished out the burpees and the Lunges.
Cleans: 10-5, broke on purpose, it was 2-3s from the time It hit the ground till the time I picked it back up. Just trying to not to fatigue my grip too much going into the TTB.
3s transition
T2B: 15-6-5-4
4s Transition
Box Jumps: 55s, with 2 or 3 no reps
5s transition
25s Transition, had to look at the board to see what was next. as I forgot what I had next. Plus I had to change weight on the bar.
Thrusters UB with no pause in the FR
8s Transition
PU: 12-9-7-2 *grip was limiter here.
Burpees @ about 17 per minute, focused on going chest/face first here.
WL: Toughest part of the workout, Legs were fine - but shoulders felt pretty fatigued at this point and holding the weight overhead for any substantial time was the limiting factor. Didnt like how much I broke this up.

rest up to 10min

1:51, UB all the way thru.

rest 3min

25 strict chin-ups for time (interpreted this as strict supinated pull ups)
~1:51, I think. I went off a running clock after the previous portion instead of restarting it. I forget my exact breakdown here - as I didnt video tape it. But I opened with a larger set of 11-13 I think then went smaller sets from there. Toughest part here was that it was weird to grab the bar supinated honestly. I had my grips on from the previous part but took them off halfway thru bc they really weren't needed and just getting in the way.

until tomorrow:

Friday, April 18, 2014


48 bpm, 98% o2

4:30 AM:

Finish warm-up with 4RFNT of:
100m run
4 Snatch Balance 85#
4 Hang Power Snatch 85#

Snatch off blocks: rest as needed betw sets/reps
3 reps at 70% of 1RM hang snatch
3 at 75%
5 at 80%
5 at 85-90% phyf

rest to recover

10 Muscle-Ups
15 Burpees
40m Farmery Carry holding 100# DBs/100# KBs
9:01, this as really fun.
MU’s: UB / 4-2-2-2 / 3-3-2-2

9:30 am

1 Rope Climb
40m Prowler Push
80m Run (40m out, 40m back to Prowler)

19:07, First time pushing the sled outside at the gym. Holy-difference. Since you didnt put a weight on the workout I used 125# at first. 3 Rounds in I wasnt moving the sled at all really. I would get 5 steps and the front would stick in the pavement and I would just push the back of the sled up off the ground. Stipped it down to 85# (really didnt take time to count in the workout - just grabbed weight and tossed it off) and moved better after that - however I still was breaking the 40m into 10m burst. Normally when you give me these high round/low rep workouts it seems like you look for a fast pace and to keep the hammer down through the entire thing. Thats the only reason why I stripped weight. I still think the stimulus of this workout for me was different then it was intended to be, as there was nothing really breath heavy about it - it was more just trying to keep that sled moving. The Run after that wasnt too fast as my calves were on fire. The RC was easy though. Worked on a big jump and getting my feet high.
I think I made a mistake doing this outside. Would hsve been a much better stimulus done with a heavy sled on a surface that actually allows the sled to slide. 
*note: Doug agree'd that I was right about the stimulus he wanted and it was the right thing to strip the weight. 

rest 5min

3x20 GHD Sit-ups NFT

5min recovery on airdyne followed by 15min mob/stretch

Heres the video: some DL’s from yesterday too.

Until tomorrow:

Thursday, April 17, 2014


4:30 am

47 bpm, 97%

OTM for 12min
Odd - 8 Box Jumps 24in
Even - 4 DL at 75-80% of 1RM phyf
Complete @ 365#, First 3 sets of DL 2-2, Last 3 sets were UB. Actually felt easier as I went through this. BJ sets done in about 10-14 seconds

rest 5-8min

CTB Pull-ups
OHS 135#
8:14, tough time holding onto the pu bar. Frustrating, but I know using this slick bar will pay off come regionals. I normally never used to wrap my thumbs around the PU bar, but this bars forcing me too. If I dont I just slide right off. Using the bar I normally use this would have been UB on the pull ups definitely through the set of 18 (possibly the set of 24 as well), and I probably would have moved a solid 90s faster at a minimum.

rest as needed

Accumulate 3min Hollow Rock

Until tomorrow:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


4:30 am

47 bpm

Finish warm-up with 3min airdyne effort at 90% ME then 3RNFT:
3 Sotts Press 45#
3 Wall walks
6/6 Pistols alt legs


10 Shoulder to OH 135#
6 Muscle-Ups
MU = UB/2-2-2/ 3-2-1/ 2-1-2-1

rest 3min

40 Burpees for time, Time Cap: 90sec
30, triceps felt smoked after the 4rft. Felt myself snaking a little towards the end of this and corrected it immediately when I felt it. Need to continue to think "chest/nose first" on the burpees.

rest up to 8min

4x12 calorie ME on airdyne, resting 1:1
10-12s , did 2 extra for fun. 

until tomorrow: