Thursday, April 17, 2014


4:30 am

47 bpm, 97%

OTM for 12min
Odd - 8 Box Jumps 24in
Even - 4 DL at 75-80% of 1RM phyf
Complete @ 365#, First 3 sets of DL 2-2, Last 3 sets were UB. Actually felt easier as I went through this. BJ sets done in about 10-14 seconds

rest 5-8min

CTB Pull-ups
OHS 135#
8:14, tough time holding onto the pu bar. Frustrating, but I know using this slick bar will pay off come regionals. I normally never used to wrap my thumbs around the PU bar, but this bars forcing me too. If I dont I just slide right off. Using the bar I normally use this would have been UB on the pull ups definitely through the set of 18 (possibly the set of 24 as well), and I probably would have moved a solid 90s faster at a minimum.

rest as needed

Accumulate 3min Hollow Rock

Until tomorrow:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


4:30 am

47 bpm

Finish warm-up with 3min airdyne effort at 90% ME then 3RNFT:
3 Sotts Press 45#
3 Wall walks
6/6 Pistols alt legs


10 Shoulder to OH 135#
6 Muscle-Ups
MU = UB/2-2-2/ 3-2-1/ 2-1-2-1

rest 3min

40 Burpees for time, Time Cap: 90sec
30, triceps felt smoked after the 4rft. Felt myself snaking a little towards the end of this and corrected it immediately when I felt it. Need to continue to think "chest/nose first" on the burpees.

rest up to 8min

4x12 calorie ME on airdyne, resting 1:1
10-12s , did 2 extra for fun. 

until tomorrow:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


4:30  am
99%, 49 bpm

Squat Clean:  rest up to 90sec betw sets; light TnG or less than 5sec re-set betw reps
5 at 60% of 1RM
5 at 65%
3 at 75%
3 at 80%
*all sets TnG

rest 3-5min

OTM for 7min
1 Squat Clean at 85-90+% of 1RM phyf
Missed 305, just due to catching it a little soft at the bottom and losing it backwards.

rest as needed

5RFT, Time Cap: 12min
Row 250m
13 Wall Ball 20#
13 KB Swings 70#
10:20, Everything UB. Actually would have been faster on this if I hadn't set my rower wrong. I tried to set intervals of 250m with rest between so my rower wouldnt shut off and I always started at zero. However I set my rest interval a tad too long and I ended up rowing at the start of the interval for 5-9 seconds where the machine wasnt counting the meters - still rowed through the set 250m interval though. I think I would have been right around 10 minutes if that didnt happen.

rest 2min

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, Time Cap: 6min
Full Sit-ups
3:41, everything UB

Until tomorrow:

Monday, April 14, 2014


97%, 50 bpm

10 am
High Hang Snatch:  rest up to 2min betw sets, only a quick re-set betw reps
(one set is 2 reps)
3 sets at 65% of 1RM hang snatch
2 sets at 75%
2 sets at 80%
2 sets at 85%
2 more sets at any load 80% + phyf
Just the 1 miss at 245 on rep 2.

rest 5-8min

35 double unders
2 rope climbs
20 pull-ups
10:47, used the slicker pu bar again. IT was really difficult to hold onto it for the pull ups during this wod. Was on pace for sub 10, until the 4th round. had to tie my shoe then my pull ups slowed a little more.
Grip was ok, definitely got fatigued but wasnt too bad. limiting factor here was just being able to hold onto the pull up bar.

rest up to 10min

3x10/10 Weighted step-ups 85# on back to 18in step, rest 45-60sec betw sets staying to same leg

rest 3-5min

4x6 Pendlay Rows at max load ea set


20min tempo run or 20min tempo airdyne (up to you!)
airdyne - complete. went with the ad just because i sprinted yesterday.

Until tomorrow:

Saturday, April 12, 2014


4:30 AM:

4x6 Bench Press, max load ea set, resting 2min betw sets
*stayed at a tough 6 but not necessarily maximal due to having no spotter and being the only one in the gym at 430am

LB Back Squat: rest up to 2min betw sets
5 at 65% of 1RM
5 at 70%
3 at 75-80% phyf
3 at 80-85%

rest 5min

5rds, wearing 10# vest resting 2min betw sets: max reps strict pull-ups

4 PM:

15 reps of Split Jerk off blocks starting at 60% of 1RM and building to work on speed under bar & finish position
everything here felt light. 365 felt really smooth. On my second miss I actually stuck it then it tracked back on me and I lost it behind.

rest as needed

8 Rounds Resting 1:2 (goal is to get ea rd done in under 80sec)
Row 20 calories
Sprint 100m
  1. 1:11
  2. 1:05
  3. 1:09
  4. 1:08
  5. 1:10
  6. 1:07
  7. 1:09
  8. 1:11
Felt good, Kept cal/hour above 1500 the entire time. Found that about 1600 cals in actually where i need to be on a piece like this. IT was a very solid stroke per pull and ended up getting me off the rower the quickest. In round 8 my cal/hour was around 1900 and I saw That I wasnt getting a stroke per pull and basically wasting energy. Weird thing is that my cal per hour was the highest on row 8 but I came off the row at a later time. Just an observation. Really fun piece. Like this a lot. The 100m was 50m out - 50m back

until tomorrow:


99% 48 bpm

4 AM:

6x2 DL starting at 70% of 1RM and building to a heavy 2RM
I’ve pulled this for 2 before. Was getting stuck right at the bottom of my knee at 455. Once I get the first 1 the second one is much easier than the first. If I get it past the stick right below the knee I get this for 2.

7-min AMRAP, Goal is 6+ rds
6/6 DB Snatch 60# alt arms
7 rounds even

rest 5min

5 sets of 2 wall walks into HS Walk for 10-15m in an S Pattern, rest 60-90sec betw sets
complete, felt good - but they’ve felt better. Fun stuff - really fun morning.

3 PM:

30min tempo on airdyne (approx 75% of ME, this is a consistent tempo with sufficient power output but not a redline session)
999 cals in 30 minutes

Also Did 2 sets of 10 UB muscle ups just for practice with 2 minutes rest between.

Body Feels really good.

until tomorrow:

Thursday, April 10, 2014


49 bpm, 99%

Front Squat:  rest up to 90sec betw sets
6 reps at 65% of 1RM
5 at 70%
5 at 75%
rest 2min
Drop Set:  1x15 at 60% of 1RM
All sets of FS felt really good. no belt used.

rest as needed

OTM for 10min
3 TnG Power Snatch 135#
3/3 Pistols alt legs
all sets complete in under 20s, everything felt solid here.

rest to recover

5rds, max reps 30sec on, 30 sec off wearing 20# vest:
Knee to elbow
Ring Push-ups (rings 5in off floor)
1) 14/17
2) 14/15
3) 14/12
4) 13/14
5) 13/13


also, Just saw on the leaderboard that someone declined the invite - so I’m in. Just waiting on the invite to be sent on the 12th now.

Until tomorrow: